Concrete Options

This is the most common finish using either a specially made “broom” or a hand trowel to apply a non-slip finish to concrete surface.

The broomed look can be applied in a fanning technique called Fan Troweling or in a linear method stroked in opposing directions creating subtleties that pick up the light differently from different directions. This finish maintains the natural beauty of concrete and at prices starting from $5 per square foot, it is the most affordable option. The crisp quality of these textural treatments succeeds or fails with the skill level of the finisher, and we have the best!


We always use the best materials and methods available:

· 4000 PSI concrete mix (min.)

· #4  1/2inch steel rebar

· Proper base filling

· 4 inch minimum thickness on all flat work

· Relief joints

Standard Broom Finish

For customers who desire the best of both worlds.  Stamped concrete offers both the durability of concrete and the look and custom feel of stone or brick, at an affordable price.

Stamped concrete is a process in which fresh concrete is imprinted with flexible mats that transfer a pattern and/or texture. Typically, the imprint reflects various stone textures but can also produce a look of tiles, cobblestone or even wood planks, resulting in an extraordinary effect.  It can be customized into a wide range of shapes and colors to suit Modern, Traditional, or Old World styles.

Stamped Concrete with or w/o Color